Overview of your home buying experience with us:

  • 1 You will meet with our new home specialist to discuss all of your desires for your new home purchase with us as in: location, specifications, plans, etc.
  • 2 Once this is decided, a deposit amount will be determined.
  • 3 We will move on to the signing of your Purchase Agreement.
  • 4 You will need to produce a pre-approval letter at this signing from one of our preferred lenders or your lender of choice.
  • 5 If there are any upgrades that result in additional amounts owed, this will be due at the time of signing along with the deposit being paid in full.
  • 6 Then, we will move on to our selections process and possible, additional, upgrades if deemed necessary to meet your expectations. All additional upgrades that result in an amount owed will be due at the time of those decisions taking place. An addendum to the contract will be provided.
  • 7 Controller will review and ratify all addendums to the contract prior to proceeding to the pre-construction phase.
  • 8 Once approved, we will schedule a pre-construction meeting to include our home buyer(s), new home specialist and our superintendent, confirming all is correct and ready for construction to begin.
  • 9 During this meeting, plans will be finalized. Any additional changes that take place, past this point, will contain additional fees and prolong construction due to the processes having to be repeated with the prior steps notated above.
  • 10 Estimating will release the plans for construction of your brand new home to begin.
  • 11 As construction of your new home progresses, our sales team will be keeping you updated via the “My Home Story 2” app.
  • 12 Upon completion of construction, our quality control department will thoroughly inspect your brand new home to make certain it meets our expectations.
  • 13 Once your home has passed all internal inspections, we will schedule a home orientation with you.
  • 14 After your home orientation, we will perform a confirmation tour to make certain we are meeting your standards and expectations. During this tour, we will schedule a convenient time with you for our warranty department to follow up. This needs to take place approximately 30 days after your closing date.
  • 15 From this point, we will schedule the closing of your home.
  • 16 Our warranty department will visit you 30 days, at the scheduled time, after closing to make sure that all is going well. Your one-year warranty visit will be scheduled with you during this visit.
  • 17 At one year from your closing date, our warranty department will perform another follow-up to make sure all is well and address anything that is not.

As you can see the process with Ryan Dicharry Custom Homes is seamless. Our team will guide you step by step throughout the process to ensure you the best experience.

For more information contact our office today at sales@ryandicharryconstruction.com and/or (985) 859-4757. We are looking forward to working with you.

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